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        Call About Our Fall Specials

        Live Vibrantly!

        Inspired by our own personal experiences with aging parents, we’ve created communities where seniors, quite simply, Live Vibrantly! If a resident loves dancing, we’ll recreate American Bandstand. If Mom is passionate about cooking, we’ll have live chef demonstrations. If Dad was a Little League coach, we’ll go to local games. Our philosophy is centered around our residents and what they like to do. Our homes are their home – what they do is up to them. We’re simply here to make it happen. So, whether it’s assisted living or memory care that may be required, we make it our mission to ensure every day is filled with joy, vitality, growth and security. At Provident Village, we believe vibrant days ensure bright tomorrows.

        Provident Village at Creekside
        Smyrna, GA

        Provident Village at Canton
        Canton, GA

        How Can We Help?

        Assisted Living

        Illuminations Early-Stage
        Memory Support Programming

        Memory Care

        For More Information

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